Email Marketing Consultant

Marketing has gotten complicated and it makes sense to bring in an email marketing consultant to manage your email effort to achieve the best results. When professionally managed, email marketing is a go-to strategy that achieves the highest ROI as compared to other marketing efforts. Since your email campaign must tie in with the rest of your marketing efforts, it is important to structure emails with care, cognizant of branding guidelines, your marketing plan, and strategies in place.

email marketing consultant

Create an Email Marketing Plan

This first step is a big one and can be a turning point for better or worse, depending on how well you know your audience. Preparing a marketing plan that yields results should include defining your audience, identifying customer segments, establishing an email schedule, determining test procedures, identifying metrics to be monitored and analyzed, and assigning content creation projects.

Content creation is not as easy as it may sound. Obtaining high-quality content on a consistent basis can be difficult if you don’t know where to get the talent. It is rare for a small or medium-sized business to have staff in-house capable of keeping up with content requirements. Writers and designers are in high-demand as digital marketing continues to grow, demanding more and more content on a daily basis. The good news is an email marketing consultant knows where to get high-quality content.

List Building and Management

It pays to get the help of an experienced email consultant if you want to succeed. There are simply too many ways to throw a marketing campaign off track if you don’t know what you’re doing. With so many moving parts necessary to run a successful campaign, all it takes is a few mistakes to destroy trust or confuse your prospects about what you have to offer. If you don’t want to throw all your hard work out the window, then it makes sense to turn over email marketing to someone who understands how to build a list and how to maintain it.

Anyone who has operated in the digital marketing world for any time at all has heard marketers declare how important your list is. They are talking about your mailing list, and they understand that building and maintaining a well-targeted marketing list is crucial for email marketing success. Developing a list of thousands of excellent prospects for your products and services does not happen by chance. Segmenting your list to get the most out of each group without over marketing to every contact on the list is key for maintaining trust and creating targeted content customized for different segments of prospects based on their specific profile.

Creating and Designing the Email

It sounds so simple that it is tempting to take this task on in-house. Who doesn’t constantly write emails and feel confident in their abilities to write a persuasive email selling what you have to sell? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Imagine you have 200 or 300 emails in your inbox that are unopened. You’re being pulled in many directions. What happens in this situation? You scan through your email list looking at the subject line to decide what's important. That’s why you need a professional. Copywriting and assigning a provocative subject line will make all the difference. If you don’t know how to write a subject line to get your audience’s attention, then your email marketing campaign will never get off the ground.

Copywriting is a skill honed over years. It is different from other types of writing. Why risk it when you can hire a professional? Why spend capital on emails that may never be opened when you can count on results with proven copywriting that works.

Beyond copywriting, the design is also important. Strategically using images and words to get your prospects attention is a large part of email marketing. Experts count on this fact. They beat out DIY companies every day, claiming higher open rates because they have tested what works and know how to grab the prospect's attention in a sea of competitor emails vying for their time.

Testing to Ensure Improving Results

Things change. An email that works well one day may stop delivering results a month later. It happens. It could be a seasonal shift or attributed to something more complicated. For this reason, testing is crucial to achieving ongoing positive results. Metrics are the answer for maintaining an email campaign that delivers. Having the data necessary to improve your results is critical for any company.

email marketing consultant

email marketing consultant

Email Marketing Tools

There are numerous tools on the market that can be helpful to marketing professionals. Staying on top of these developments is a full-time job. That’s why specialists thrive in any market, while startup marketing departments struggle to compete unless they are willing to access the specialized information they need.

Conversion Rates

In the final analysis, all that matters to any business owner or entrepreneur is results. Converting business prospects into buyers is what matters, and without the ability to attract and convert buyers, the business will suffer and eventually fail. Using metrics to determine how to adjust for changing markets, competition and economic shifts are required to transform a lackluster email campaign yielding poor results to a much-needed payday.

Hiring an email marketing consultant is a smart move for any company interested in email marketing. Consistently, a well-designed and targeted email grabs the attention of prospects at a higher rate than other types of marketing attempts. Finding a person who can make this happen ensures any business owner a competitive edge and continued business success. Considering the technical skills required to run an effective email campaign, prudent decision-makers appreciate the logic in turning this task over to an expert.