facebook ad management services

Facebook Ad Management Services

Digital marketing is a common trend that businesses adopt globally to boost their sales and customer base. Digital marketing uses various channels to reach out to potential and existing customers about their products and services.

Facebook Ads are the fastest growing digital marketing channel for e-commerce. Facebook Ads help with fast growing e-commerce companies for:

• brand awareness
• increasing traffic on your website
• reaching a large customer base
• promoting your business page and posts
• collecting leads for your business
• increasing your website conversions

Businesses that use Facebook ad management services enjoy the following benefits:


facebook ad management services

People are familiar with Facebook. 80% of them are using Facebook on a daily basis. Therefore, its popularity is an added advantage for any business that is willing to build a customer base and boost sales.

Target Audience

The advertisement tool allows you to create a target profile for your audience based on attributes such as age, gender, location, behaviors or interests. You can reach your exact desired target audience.

Brand Awareness

The Facebook Ad manager gives businesses a good platform to educate potential and current clients about their brand. It can be achieved by making daily posts about the services offered or providing links that direct customers to the website and product pages.

Customer Engagement

It is important for companies to engage their customers for feedback purposes. You can set up a poll or a giveaway that allows clients to participate and share your products with their colleagues. Consistent engagement and addressing any arising issues about your product or service builds the customer's confidence towards your brand.

Boost Web Traffic

Once you have a created a website, marketing is a crucial requirement if you intend to boost sales and traffic. You need to find a way to educate potential consumers. You get to share links that redirect customers to your site.

Boost Sales and Leads

Once you consumers have known about your products and services, consider conversion. You have focused on brand awareness, had them visit your web page and now you need them to buy what you're offering. It's a process that increases customer base and boosts sales.

Measurable Outcome

It is easy to determine the success of your Facebook Ad strategies. You can see the outcome from the number of clicks, conversions and the rate of engagement. A review of these trends can be used to shift marketing strategy by a marketing consultant

Facebook Retargeting

facebook ad management services

You have created a website for your products and services. You have also created Facebook Ads to create awareness and get potential clients to visit your website. What's next?

Research shows that 2% of first-time customer visits on a website lead to conversion. There are few clients who will purchase your product during their first visit to your site. So, how do you get them to come back and purchase? Facebook retargeting is an excellent approach to creating a stable customer base after they first visit your site.

Facebook retargeting is simply reaching out to your target audience after they have visited your website. You need to engage them to boost their interests and confidence towards your product.

The Effectiveness of Facebook Retargeting For E-Commerce to Increase Revenue

Acquired information about your customer

Valuable information about your target audience is gathered within the first few clicks on the website. This information can be used to create a better message for your Ads that address their interests. It's a re-marketing strategy that does not generalize the ads you present to potential customers. It will get their attention and get them to visit your site again thus boosting sales.


facebook ad management services

Retargeting provides a platform for businesses to engage customers beyond the Facebook Ads. They have visited your website and know about your brand. Reach out to them to understand if what you offer caters for their needs, or they prefer a different approach. Such feedback is essential to building your brand and creating a trustworthy relationship with customers. Customer engagement is a lead towards conversion and increased revenue.

Reduction in cost per acquisition

Retargeting helps to create a loyal customer base. Your conversion rate will increase the longevity value of your leads and reduce the cost per acquisition. It can be attained by making recommendations to customers based on their previous purchases or reminding them of abandoned carts. These approaches help retain a customer base and boost revenue with help from our ppc consultants.

Both Facebook Ads and retargeting are an important marketing tool that every business should invest in to attract and retain customers.