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Digital Marketing For E-Commerce


Digital marketing is the most effective way to raise awareness and attract customers to your e-commerce business. The days when ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and television were the primary way to reach consumers for retail are long over. The best way to reach consumers today is through digital marketing. This type of marketing is immediate, engaging and can be tailored to attract the target demographic for your e-commerce company. Today's most successful e-commerce companies harness the power of digital marketing.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is engaging, cost-effective, mobile, customizable, can reach a vast audience and delivers results in real time. It can quickly put your e-commerce company at the forefront of millions of people. You no longer have to put an ad on a billboard or a magazine and hope people see it and guess if the results are effective. With digital marketing, you can instantly get your brand in front of your target audience and tell them exactly what you have to offer in ways that can grab their attention, hold it and entice them to take action.

Constant Engagement 

digital marketing

With digital marketing, you can constantly engage consumers. You don't simply send out your message and hope it moves consumers to act. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to engage potential customers in conversations that will help you to better understand their wants and needs. Digital marketing is about developing relationships with consumers so you can tailor your product and your pitch to be as attractive as possible to them. When you use digital marketing to communicate with consumers, they feel a closer connection to your brand and are more likely to purchase your products.


Creating traditional print, radio and television marketing campaigns can be prohibitively expensive for e-commerce companies. Plus, measuring their return on investment can be challenging. One of the things e-commerce companies like about digital marketing is how effective it is. Promoting products and services using digital marketing is much more cost effective. Plus, it's easy to track which digital marketing methods are most effective in engaging customers as well as generating revenue in analytics tracking. 

Marketing Is Mobile 

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Once smartphones became widely used, mobile marketing become much more important for e-commerce companies. Using digital marketing has given e-commerce companies the ability to optimize their advertising campaigns for mobile media. Mobile marketing is now prevalent in all industries. The average shopper surfs the web about 500 hours each year using their mobile devices. Companies using mobile marketing have a better chance of attracting many of those sales. Consumers today have 60% of their buying decisions start out on their phones. E-commerce companies that have mobile-friendly websites are given placement preference by search engine algorithms. E-commerce companies using digital marketing optimized for mobile marketing can better capitalize on this.

Get Results In Real Time 

With digital marketing, you can implement your advertising campaign almost instantaneously. Plus, you can easily monitor the results the campaign generates while they are in real time. This enables you to make tweaks to your tactics to improve its performance on the fly. You can measure the results of your posts and promotions right away with digital marketing, rather than having to wait weeks for feedback. You can actually see the number of visitors and subscribers to your e-commerce website grow in real time.

A New Day 

renaissance marketing

It's a new day when it comes to marketing. Old ideas about how to reach and influence the buying decisions of consumers are changing. Digital marketing with its customer engagement and real time results is the new normal. The Renaissance is a time in history that bridged medieval times and modern history. At Renaissance Marketing we are the 21st-century bridge between traditional marketing and extraordinary digital marketing for your fast-growing e-commerce business.

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