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Marketing Strategies Beyond Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is a crucial part of growing a business. Businesses can invest time, resources and money into advertising without having a cohesive strategy in place to ensure that they are growing in a measurable, sustainable way. Driving sales is always important, but chasing sales growth without a comprehensive plan for investing advertising dollars wisely can be costly in the long run.

In addition to having a proactive and comprehensive marketing plan, businesses often encounter specific issues that require in-depth analysis. A memorable advertising slogan or shareable social media content are not always universal solutions to brand image or relations issues that businesses encounter.

There are many instances when a business anticipates or is involved in client-facing issues where a marketing consultant can preserve its brand integrity, capitalize on growth opportunities, reorient messaging, protect brand reputation, educate the public or enhance an existing marketing campaign. Turning to a consultant means that your business will receive the attention that it deserves to handle a specific situation so that it does not become a long-term problem.

Why Businesses Rely on Marketing Consultants

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Marketing consultants partner with businesses to evaluate their current customer base and identify ways that they can retain more of their customer base as well as attract new customers. Rather than simply taking a stock advertising message or campaign and trying it out in new markets or mediums, marketing consultants invest in learning about the value that their business clients provide customers and what motivates the target customers to connect with those brands.

Oversight and Evaluation of Existing Marketing Campaigns

Not all marketing campaigns are created equally or tailored effectively for your business. Having a consultant review an existing marketing campaign and identify areas for improvement or missed opportunities is a cost-effective and low-risk way to make sure that you are investing your marketing dollars wisely. This introduces more accountability into the relationship between your business and your marketing agency without the time and expense of retaining another marketing agency to conduct an audit or take over your business's marketing campaign.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience with Marketing Strategies

Consultants provide expert-level marketing analysis and are generally more experienced than individual team members who might be working on your business's marketing account. Valuable marketing consultants bring years of in-depth knowledge and experience with a range of marketing strategies so that they can find an approach that will work best for individual clients. They provide strategy options based on market analysis and case studies of similar businesses as their clients. Working with a specific consultant allows you to vet their credentials thoroughly and ensures that they have the skills and experience your business can count on.

Dedication to Effectively Representing Your Brand

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Partnering with marketing consultants means working with an experienced professional who is committed to learning about your business and finding meaningful ways to convey the value that it provides. This means going beyond simply reading your business's home page. You should feel comfortable communicating with the consultant that you choose to work with so that you can be sure that they understand the core message of your brand and are able to connect with your target customers.

Client-Focused Communication and Problem Solving

Marketing agencies and advertising firms have long lists of clients that they work for and are busy addressing their concerns. One of the advantages of working with a dedicated marketing consultant is that you can develop a more personal relationship and expect responsive communication. Your business will have a direct line to the individual responsible for creating and adjusting your marketing strategy. This is especially important if unforeseen issues arise or you need expert guidance on a particular issue.

Proactive Reputation Management

Having a partner who is already familiar with your business and its specific market makes responding to short-term customer relations crises much more efficient. You also have the option to work with a consultant on a short-term basis to solve a specific problem that your business is experiencing. This allows for targeted solutions to problems that could cost your business its loyal customers and damage its good name. It also keeps you and your employees focused on business operations and frees up time and resources to keep other aspects of the business on track.

Consistent and Reliable Metrics

Even if you are satisfied with your current marketing campaign, you may not have the data to show for it. It is impossible to know how well a marketing plan is working for your business without accurate data to track its progress. This is a time-consuming task for you to handle in-house along with running your business. Marketing consultants collect and monitor data to stay on top of how well different aspects of your business's marketing strategy are working.

Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy for Better Results

Data about your marketing progress is only helpful if you are able to interpret it and put it into action. This sometimes means making adjustments in the middle of an advertising or marketing campaign. You can end up wasting time any money by continuing with an ineffective marketing campaign. In addition, you can miss out on opportunities to reach more potential customers if your marketing plan is not flexible enough to handle adjustments. A consultant can quickly and precisely interpret marketing data as it is collected to make real-time adjustments to a marketing strategy.

Creating Engaging, Informative Content

Even though you might know your business inside and out, you may not have the time or expertise to communicate all of the reasons why customers should choose your business in a succinct, relatable way. This is where a consultant can make a huge difference for your business. Creating engaging content is one of the major ways that a valuable consultant stands out from the crowd or even entire marketing agency teams on an account.

Sharing Effective Content and Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms

Many businesses find that there are simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the tasks required to keep the lights on. Even having enough time to do it all yourself or in-house does not mean that your business should. It may not be cost-effective or efficient for you to spend time managing multiple social media platforms, your business's website and communicating with customers while running a business. Outsourcing these tasks to a capable consultant allows you to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of reacting to issues with your social media content.

Maintaining Consistency in Your Brand's Messaging

Centralizing all marketing strategies and advertising materials through a dedicated consultant is one of the best ways to prevent your brand from sending multiple, potentially contradictory messages to your target audience. Protect your brand image and streamline messaging by vetting your marketing materials through a trusted consultant.

Learn More About Our Consulting Services

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If your business would benefit from a strategic partnership with our marketing consultants, contact us to begin the process. We will start with an initial conversation to learn more about your business and find out about your specific needs. Our client-focused approach to developing marketing strategies and solving issues for your business sets us apart and puts your business's specific needs first. Once you decide that we are a good match for you, we will begin generating some insights on your business's current marketing approach and where we might see possibilities for improvements.

Renaissance specializes in an innovative and new approach to digital marketing consulting. Consulting, in general, has not embraced a modern approach, and we want to change our industry. Instead of working for a week on your biggest problem we work on perfecting your digital marketing year round. We become a part of your team and provide ongoing advice, training, solutions, and adjust our strategy based on your feedback. This creates a level of responsibility on our end to provide the best results possible and gives your company a decided advantage over your competition.