The Top 10 SEO Factors

SEO Factors

There are a number of big factors that go into on page SEO for any type of website. Here are some of the top 10 factors to consider when optimizing your SEO strategy:

The links on your page: The links that link to your page and the quality of these links as well as the trust of their domain level ranks is essential. If you're going to be putting up links on your page make sure they are from trusted, high linking sites. 

SEO Factors

The quality of content: the quality of your content can't be flagged as spam and that goes the same for any of the links or information on your site. Make sure you focus on creating quality content that is never identified as spam. 

Keywords: The keywords based off of your content are essential to triggering Google’s algorithm for rankings. 

Readability of content: The way that your content is presented should be extremely readable. This means it needs to be extremely unique, load quickly and be structured for easy scanning for people and search engine bots. 

Engagement from traffic: Eliminating your bounce rate and monitoring the usage signals from your traffic is essential. If you have a page that people are visiting only briefly, this can cause your search engine rankings to fail. 

Domain name: The keywords that you use in your domain name as well as in your domain descriptions are essential to your rank. Improving the exact keywords in your domain name or in your site descriptions will help rank your page faster. 

Mobile support: Without a responsive web page design you can be easily left behind with your site. 

Page speed: The speed at which your page loads is important as well. This means creating a shorter code as well as optimizing images and page content for fast loading. 

Social links: The mentions that you have on social media, the shares on other networks and the links to your content on other sites can all contribute to your page rank through the notoriety of your content. 

Local SEO: The locality of your page, the specific local keywords you use as well as business info can all significantly impact local SEO results. 

Keep some of these top 10 SEO factors in mind for creating more successful web pages. 

seo factors

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