Interview With Henry Harris-Burland, Head of Marketing at Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies

Henry went to the University of Manchester and started his career running an events company with three friends. He then worked at Rolls-Royce for over three years and he is now Head of Marketing at Starship Technologies.

Starship Technologies is a London startup that has built the world's first delivery robot. It delivers groceries, parcels, and food in a 2-mile radius within 15-30 minutes. Their ultimate goal is to offer 24/7 on-demand delivery for $1 or under.

Starship Technologies is one of London's fastest growing startups and Henry was nice enough to take the time to do an interview with us. 

Starship Technologies

Who are your ideal clients?: Parcel delivery firms, grocery firms, and food takeaway companies.

Who is the MVP on your team and why?: Everyone has their part to play, but our CEO, CCO, and VP of Engineering are important for the success of the company moving forward. They supply the genius behind the strategy and technical innovations for the company.

If it was possible, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?: Don't worry about planning everything, things will naturally fall into place if you work hard.

What business would you love for someone else to start?: An ironing robot!

What is your favorite app or online tool?: Just Eat for food, Whatsapp for talking, BBC News for reading.

What is your favorite hobby?: Buying and selling cars.

Favorite place to travel to?: USA and Australia.

What book are you most likely to give as a gift?: Something relevant to Formula 1 history.

Starship Technologies

What marketing strategy is producing the best results for you guys?: Online social media and creating content for positive PR.

Is Organic Traffic Your #1 Source Of New Leads?: No, not to our website. Our website is actually relatively unimportant at the moment. New business usually comes from a mixture of referrals, media articles, and proactive contact.

What is your content marketing strategy?: Gain as many visually appealing assets from all the different areas we operate around the world. One of our keys to success is varied content from different places - we operate in a number of cities and countries, and people are interested in what's going on around the world in regard to our Starship Delivery Robots. Pictures, videos, competitions, media articles and printed assets account for the majority of our content marketing.

What is your top performing social media strategy?: Visual pictures with informative captions always go well on our social media channels.

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